Improve employee productivity with rewards

There are various ways to motivate employee or to improve his or her productivity. It is good idea to have a balanced system of motivation methods; there must be a set of productivity improvement programs, called incentive programs.

One of the main motivation method is motivation with more money, but it is costly method and actually, it will not work starting with some sum, e.g. you won’t increase employer efficiency if you will increase salary from 10,000$ to 11,000$ people tend to ignore money when they have enough.

Are there other possible solutions and employee recognition tools? Sure, they are. When “more money” method stops working there is a wide range of possible applications for non-financial motivators, such as gifts, rewards, benefits.

I’m sure you’d like to lower the cost of these motivation programs. So it is a good idea to find site like online-rewards which will guide you through the possible rewards, suggest you some ideas that work, and provide you with options to choose from.

There might be more ideas about motivation of employees, but remember, when having some employees recognition tools, it is important to follow the full cycle of employer recognition. E.g. first, it is necessary to find out if there is a need for this kind of recognition, then you should select the method and finally, the results you get should be measured, traced and used in future recognition programs.