Motivate Employees Productivity

Keeping employees happy, sated and fulfilled is a challenging task. No workplace or job is perfect and everyone’s bound to have complaints and dissatisfaction at one point. As a manager, it would drive you crazy if you always think of everyone’s happiness. When it comes to prioritizing, first in line should be the productive ones – they who generate more income to the company; they who are productive and will go a long way.

Money is more often the not the best shut-upper, at least for the time being. Everyone is always in need for more money, regardless the status. If you can beat what the competition offers, it’s always a good sign. However, you will always have a limit, and if that limit has been reached or even before it has been reached, make sure you back the monetary rewards with other factors, like knowledge. The smart employee is always thirsty for knowledge.

Never box employees to what they signed up for. Foster growth with transparency, rewards, and constant communication.