Trace stress stimulators in workplaces

Stress stimulators are of the factors that are extremely difficult to trace within an organization. The reasons of stress within an organization are virtually limitless and have a direct influence on the staff and their productivity. Therefore business organizations are adhering to smart support systems as Balanced Scorecards, to combat this problem.

One such factor of discomfort within a workplace could be the epidemic of incivility within the organizations. It is one behavior that violates norms within an organization subtly or otherwise.  It has adverse effects on mutual respect, cooperation and motivation within an organization. Since this behavior tends to be insidious, it is relatively difficult to detect and tackle and most of the time manages to stay ambiguous. Many a productive workers have been known to quit their jobs because of this issue but have chosen to remain silent from the fear of negative effect on their future professional references. Hence it can seldom be identified in exit interviews. Also, it tends to instill a feeling of guilt among the victims who feel that they do not have the strength to stand up for themselves or confront the instigator.

Incivility within organizations varies from gender harassment, insulting remarks and gossiping to disrespectful subordinates. Offenders or instigators do not typically belong to any particular cadre but can be from any hierarchy, age or gender. Balanced scorecards helps identify the factors from both the management point of view and the staff to study. It helps to figure out why workplaces become suffocating and it gets difficult to get along together for the employees. Whatever the cause for incivility is, it always has the same results; higher employee turnover and low employee and organization productivity. The best combating strategy in this case would be preparing to confront these issues with a comprehensive approach.

With the help of metrics or indicators, this problem can be solved. It allows the organizations as a whole to determine their stress stimulators from by choosing them from pre grouped categories. However, personalized metrics can also be created depending upon the situation. Weights can be assigned to these metrics according to the importance of each. The compared result of the actual scoring and the defined target weights can be viewed through a diamond type chart that represents data with the help of blue geometric diagrams. The bold lined diagram shows the current values, the innermost represents the minimum range and the outmost the maximum of the range defined. 

Diamond type chart is also available in a dashboard report, which generates information from a certain data point. It helps reporting the crux of all or selected branch of the scorecards and is an important functional and visualization tool that can be very handy at the time of representing data or simply making reports, drawing analyses or studying for improvisation.